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Fitness Bootcamp



Adrenaline’s Adult Fitness Bootcamps

The program includes a variety of exercises employing all muscle groups and challenging cardiovascular capacity in order to improve your overall fitness level. Bootcamps allow for all fitness levels but encourage progress to higher levels of fitness capability with fast and effective results. Whether you have health or medical reasons for weight loss, just want to lose weight fast, or you want to improve your overall fitness, this is the program for you!

• Stretching / Flexibility
• Cardiovascular Training
• Core Training
• Plyometric Exercises
• Body Composition

• Circuit Training
• Obstacle Courses
• Resistance Training
• Muscular Strength
• Endurance

Today's preparation determines tomorrow's achievement - Coach Russell



$99 INTRODUCTORY SPECIAL | 1 Person - 8 Weeks OR 2 People - 4 Weeks
(Membership includes access to up to 3 classes per week. OFFER EXTENDED.)




    Corona Schedule of Classes

    • Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 
    • 9:30am and 5:45pm


    Contact Riverside for more information

    Contact Corona for more information