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Question: What do you think about Adrenaline?

Answer: "Adrenaline...I love it! My son has improved so much. The trainers are teaching things I didn’t even think that he could do. So...we’re back!!!"

Clarence Dodson – father of 9-year old Orangecrest Riverside J.A.A.F. football player, training member, C.J. Dodson

Question: What was your first impression of Adrenaline?

Answer: "Great! The set up is nice. Everything is very clean. I train travel ball kids, and this is the type of place that really helps. They’re doing all the right things here."

Bobby Flores – Head Girls Softball Coach, Bloomington High School

"Happy New Year, Leonard! Guess who’s #349 in the country in assists? Guess who’s #21 in the state of California for assists? For “freshman”, guess who’s #3 in the state of California for assists? Leonard, thanks for all your help in getting Maya ready for the varsity level. We look forward to participating in Adrenaline again."

Rudy Woody – father of Vista Murrieta High School Girls Basketball training member, Maya Woody

"I wanted to drop you a word or two regarding how you have helped my son in football this year. Leighton started with you last November, and his football season has been nothing but over the top. He has rushed for over 1,400 yards and has had 21 touchdowns, and that was only in 8 games. To add to that, he never got to carry the ball more than 6 times a game, because he would score 4 T.D's. Or, if he touched the ball 4 times, he would score 2 to 4 times. Rules state a team can not win by more than 35 points. So, the coach had other players he needed to share the ball with, but they could not get it done like Leighton. He has the most yards out of anybody in the league, from what all our coaches can find out by talking to all the other teams. I believe Adrenaline had a lot to do with it. He has his first playoff game this weekend, and with a little luck his team makes it to the Super bowl, and then on to the Mega Bowl. I just want to say, ‘thank you’. He has made me a proud father on and off the field. But, he is on cloud 9 today because of football.

I have one other accomplishment to tell you about that I believe is a direct result of Adrenaline. Leighton qualified to go to the youth bull rider’s world final in Texas last August. The top 52 riders in Canada, USA and Mexico were there; Leighton took 5th in the world and has a few television companies wanting to do a documentary on him and a reality TV show. The reason why is he is a city boy that has never ridden a horse, and rides bulls. His training is truly a direct result of his success because he does not get to practice on bulls all that much like a lot of other kids do. But, he is #1 in the state of California. Thank You!"

Chris Silva – father of Leighton Silva, football running back and bull riding star

Question: What did you think about Bryan Kennedy’s Hitting Fundamentals clinics in March?

Answer: "We noticed a difference in our son after the first clinic with Bryan. Bryan is such a great teacher, and he’s great with the kids. Our son enjoyed it so much; he wanted to come back for all three clinics. And now, we’re getting him private lessons with Bryan. He’s hitting harder and farther than he ever has. His coaches commented on the change in his swing immediately at his team’s next practice. Thank you, Bryan."

Donald Bigbie – father of Wesley Bigbie

"It's Harrison Gaines from this past summer. I wanted to send you an e?mail and thank you for the training from you and your staff. I really felt like my quickness and strength was on another level, compared to past years. I ended up having a solid season, I was the 2nd leading scorer on the team off the bench and I had some pretty good games against some top notch teams."

Harrison Gaines – point guard for the University of Pennsylvania, Ivy League, Division 1

"Thanks a million for the hospitality extended to me this evening at your wonderful venue. I am very, very impressed and appreciate the free training session cards you gave me. I will hand them out to our coaches for their personal use. It was great to tour your facility during so many varied workouts. It demonstrated the energy that anyone would want in a facility like yours. Rest assured that I will let others know of Adrenaline Athletic Training. Thanks again for your graciousness."

Stan Morrison ? Director of Intercollegiate Athletics, University of California, Riverside

"My impression of your facility was amazing. From the time I walked in, it made me feel like a winner. I think the facility and what your team of owners have put together is definitely something to be reckoned with. The facility was huge, the trainers were motivated and the facility was nice to look at. The luxury box area was an awesome idea where parents can relax and still enjoy watching their child workout without being in direct contact of the workout area."

Vyvon Steele ? Conference Certification Coordinator, Youth Tackle Conference of the Inland Empire, Inc., DBA Jr. All American Football

"With so many kids competing to play at the next level, it's the extra work a player does that makes the difference. Adrenaline Athletic Training provides kids with a place and atmosphere to help them separate themselves from their competition. My son Jake is a better athlete because he trained there."

Jennifer Marisnick – mother of Jake Marisnick, Riverside Poly High School athlete

"I want to start off by mentioning how happy Jordan and I are with the training program at Adrenaline. He LOVES it!!! The facility and trainers are top?notch. I can tell that by the time football rolls around next year, Jordan will be way ahead of where he would have been without Adrenaline. I am trying to spread the word around about Adrenaline because I think speed and agility training is vital to success for any athlete. I see so many kids getting caught up in just weightlifting and losing sight of the need for improved athleticism. I probably will bring by a couple of young fellows today. One is 13 1?2 (Jacob) and one of Jordan’s best friends. Very good athlete in both football and baseball. His 20?year?old brother (Michael) will probably be playing football at San Bernardino Valley College in the fall and will accompany him. They also have a brother who is a rising senior baseball player at Redlands High School, and is being recruited by a few schools so far. I believe that there is a family discount??? That may be a big issue for them. Thanks for everything."

Eric Ory – father of Jordan Ory